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Danbury Automotive Lifts



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AMGO’s 5000 lbs capacity sliding jack with manual pump. AMGO’s powerful and easy-to-use J5H is made with the same quality componentry and standards as AMGO lifts, with safety as the utmost priority. AMGO manufactures the J5H in accordance to high-quality standards. We use critical materials and parts choosing along with advanced features and innovative technology when producing the J5H.  High quality parts make the J5H more reliable, with greater longevity, while requiring less service.


• Mechanical Safety Lock

• Conveniently used with the manual pump

• Can be used independently or with lifts (4-Post Lifts or Scissor Lifts)

• With adjustable rubber pads and, 1.5 “, 2.5 ” extension adapters

• Five-year Warranty on Steel Components, Three-year Warranty on Hydraulic Parts and Two Years on Electrical Components


Model J5H
Lifting Capacity 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg)
Lifting Time 50S
Lifting Height 14 1/4″~18 1/8″(360~460 mm)
Minimum Height 8 3/8″(212 mm)
Width Between Adapters 33 “~53 1/8″(840~1350 mm)
Runway Width 20 “(510 mm)
Gross Weight 251 lbs(114 kg)

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