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Danbury Automotive Lifts



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Our newest space saving 9,000lbs lift. 1 lift can accommodate 2 parking positions to park 4 vehicles. It’s low profile, with hidden safety locks and single-point lock release. Foldable drive-on ramps come standard.



  • Lifting capacity: 9,000lbs, max. car weight:6,000lbs.
  • Max lifting height:73 11/16” .
  • Low profile design, minimum platform height only 6 3/32″.
  • Both primary & slack-cable safety devices as standard.
  • Exclusive: hidden safety locks and manual single-point safety release.
  • Exclusive: Foldable drive-on ramps of 4 units.
  • Exclusive: Ingenious designs to minimize the package size, reduces the transportation charge and storage cost.
  • Exclusive: Double S Shaped columns for increased strength.
  • Non-slip diamond platforms.
  • Adjustable multiple safety ladders.
  • 110V power unit is worked with the lift (lifting time: 100s), please specify when ordering.

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Shipping Information

20′ container can load 12 units.

40′ HQ container can load 24 units.

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